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Writing from ‘virtual’ workshops

People are writing at home and exchanging their work via email (or good old-fashioned snail-mail, for those not on the internet).
Here are some recent short snippets:

Challenging times then and now (Bill)

The unseen foe surrounds us like a bad smell, only there is no smell.
He strikes without mercy on good and bad.
Some escape very lightly -just a slight skirmish- others have to pay the price in full.
Untouchable youth cocks a snoop and says “not me, my gilded cage of youth will protect me”,
But the foe smiles and says “we will see”.
The siren wails, the stomach lurches
Time to run, time to hide, Fear etched deeply into pale, drawn faces
Wide-eyed children wince as the ground shakes. The all-clear sounds, we walk silently into the unknown.

Sunshine (Pauline)

Sunshine, it’s been so long.
Sunshine, old friend of mine,
Spreading blue skies, butterflies,
Buzzing bees and birdsong.
Songs from long ago
“Sunshine came softly through my window today.”
Lifting my spirit; dispersing the flow
Of wintery thoughts.
It’s only March and it seems like May.
As old England basks in your early glory
We await with hope;
A happier end to the never ending story.

Andy's office Marion's painting

Andy’s home ‘office’ a.k.a. dining room.

John helped her bring computer etc. from Bank House and set it up.

Artwork from Marion.

Shared via Facebook, at Marion’s request, by her daughter Marjorie who usually brings Marion to our Christmas lunch.

bunting bunting

‘BV for VE’ bunting.

Sheena laminated and strung the bunting before we went into lockdown. Originally intended for (now-cancelled) VE Day celebrations, the colourful artwork will cheer us up. Andy will share it bit by bit.





















Although we can’t use our Home Base currently, we still pay rent and are supported by:
BV is so grateful for individual donations, large and small. Your contributions, made weekly until recently, are still helping to keep our services going although for now these are offered remotely via email and letter.


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At our last face-to-face sessions on 17th March, people completed contact sheets for Andy, showing who they are happy to share their details with. Andy then rang anybody who wasn’t there.

On this basis, participants now have individual lists of group members to keep in touch with – by phone, email or post, according to preference. Contact Andy to join in.

Art group members left with art ‘starter packs’ (envelopes + post-card sized cards). They can do mini artwork and send it to someone else in the group. Andy also posted packs out.
Please email photos of your art to Andy for future newsletters..

To contact Andy: email is easiest. Andy can see if you ring Bank House and will respond if she recognises your number. Alternatively, she now has a work mobile (07760 138395). Signal is poor in Flash so you may need to use WhatsApp..