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BV has emabarked on a new medium! This animation could be the first of many.


We’ve received small grants recently from the Masons, Leek Town Lands & Leek Rotary; our thanks to them all.

RICHARD'S abseil....
Well, we did it and we enjoyed it so much, we went down three times each.
Thank you to everyone who supported us, from donors, to the team members and their families.
A huge thanks to Mark Fox, our anchorman on the day and the voice of calm to those of us less confident. Brilliant job Mark.Thank you to Jaz Bagdi, who's smile never left his face. whether he was on the rope, or solid ground.
Thank you to Zuleika, not least for overcoming your fears (three times). What next for you?
Thank you to our friends and families for supporting us on the day. Lyn, James, Stuart, Kira, Dee, Jo, Matt, Leeanne, our chairman of trustees, Bob and last, but by no means least Rokai, 5 in August and Matthew, 6 next February, both of whom descended three times each.
A terrific time, in aid of a very worthwhile cause.

If you know of any possible sponsors for BV, please tell Andy.


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Richard’s first photography session on Wed, 3rd April, 2-4pm will include theory of composition, exposure & basics of camera settings. It’s not essential, but bring your camera if you have one (or camera phone) plus instruction manual if available. The group’s viability & frequency depends on support & attendance.

The next Trustees’ meeting is Monday 8th April at 7.30pm. To raise any matter, mention it to Bill, Richard or Andy.

We thank Cassie, our Derby Uni. Creative Expressive Therapies student for all her work during her 3-month placement & wish her well for the future.

Sarah returns for both writing & art this month. Now we’ve passed the Spring Equinox, Art sessions will focus on Signs of Spring & look at making spring garlands and decorations.