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Borderland Voices was founded in 1998 in Leek, Staffordshire and currently works across the Staffordshire Moorlands. Our aim is to promote mental health through the arts and to raise public awareness and understanding of mental health issues by delivering accessible arts projects and offering creative space for self-expression within a mutually supportive community.





To write what
I did not know I need to say.
To hear, to read,
to keep mad dogs at bay.

Freedom to listen unbiased
by cold chandler's
false indoctrination's wax.

Alive. Alight. Not lax.

Freedom to breathe out again
expel past pain
and smile, and live again.




Although we can’t use our Home Base currently, we still pay rent and are supported by:
BV is so grateful for individual donations, large and small. Your contributions, made weekly until recently, are still helping to keep our services going although for now these are offered remotely via email and letter.


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The 2018-19 Annual report has been added to the newsletter page

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At our last face-to-face sessions on 17th March, people completed contact sheets for Andy, showing who they are happy to share their details with. Andy then rang anybody who wasn’t there.

On this basis, participants now have individual lists of group members to keep in touch with – by phone, email or post, according to preference. Contact Andy to join in.

Art group members left with art ‘starter packs’ (envelopes + post-card sized cards). They can do mini artwork and send it to someone else in the group. Andy also posted packs out.
Please email photos of your art to Andy for future newsletters..

To contact Andy: email is easiest. Andy can see if you ring Bank House and will respond if she recognises your number. Alternatively, she now has a work mobile (07760 138395). Signal is poor in Flash so you may need to use WhatsApp..