Borderland Voices a charity promoting Health and Well-being through the Arts



Orchestral concert in aid of BV
7-30pm Sat 14th March at the Methodist Church, Market Squ, Buxton SK17 6HX more info




Borderland Voices was founded in 1998 in Leek, Staffordshire and currently works across the Staffordshire Moorlands. Our aim is to promote mental health through the arts and to raise public awareness and understanding of mental health issues by delivering accessible arts projects and offering creative space for self-expression within a mutually supportive community.





To write what
I did not know I need to say.
To hear, to read,
to keep mad dogs at bay.

Freedom to listen unbiased
by cold chandler's
false indoctrination's wax.

Alive. Alight. Not lax.

Freedom to breathe out again
expel past pain
and smile, and live again.




If it snows, ring about 10am to check Andy has arrived

The January trustees' meeting had to be rearranged for 2nd March. Please give any thoughts/ideas to Pauline, Paul or Andy, or pop them into the Feedback Jar near the kettle.

Waitrose charity donations raised £237 for BV during October. They will present the cheque this month.

We've made the Guardian Website with our efforts for the Mental Health Festival click

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The March 2015 newsletter has been added on the newsletter page (2/3//2015)

March 2015
There's an orchestral concert in aid of BV 7-30pm Sat 14th at the Methodist Church, Buxton

If you have any thoughts/ideas for the trustees' meeting on 2nd March please give them to Pauline, Paul or Andy, or pop them into the Feedback Jar near the kettle.

Viv's Daisy Haye creative session Thurs 26th & artwork display in the Bistro, Fri 20th 12.00 onward; all welcome.

On Tuesday 10th we're going to Buxton Museum & Art Gallery, particularly to see Micheal (his spelling) Pritchard's colourful prints of Potteries' bottle kilns & chimneys. If you want to come please tell Andy, as the minibus leaves at 1.15pm.

Remember the 3 big collages of Leek, made years ago? They look stunning along the Foxlowe's main corridor. Viv explores similar themes in print & colour this month.